Great Extensions grew out of a teacher’s desire to bring open-ended, quality materials to the Montessori classroom that would enhance and support the classic Montessori materials. Started in 1994 with only a few items to offer, Great Extensions materials are now found in classrooms world wide.

Every item offered by Great Extensions is first tested in the classroom to ensure its popularity with the children, durability and versatility. Each item is designed to compliment the Montessori materials and encourage repetition and a passage to abstraction. Above all, the materials are inviting to the children and add a strong point of interest to the lessons they are designed for.

With the guidance of nationally-known Montessori guide Lori Karmazin, Great Extensions will continue to provide quality Montessori Materials that enhance and enrich the learning experience of children all around the globe. It is our goal to continue to improve our products while developing more materials that aid in giving children the world over the benefits of the Montessori Experience.

Have some questions about our products? Need some help getting started with your Montessori teaching? We can help! Ask our experts. We’re here for you.

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